Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to work hardening

Chris started work hardening this week. I am hoping they are able to build up his strength in his arm without causing him terrible pain. He will do this for a month and then go back to the doctor for another evaluation. He's still working part time, mostly closing...which gets old. There's not much to tell, it is mostly just waiting until the next evaluation and hoping that it goes well and he can progress to the next level.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting back to normal

Chris started back to work part time this week. He still can't use his arm at all, but at least he's working. He's working nights, closing 5 nights a week, 5 hours a night. Not much, but a start back to normal. Kaelyn and Emma start school the 11th and Attie the 16th. Attie goes half days for the first 2 weeks, then she goes full time. So, that means the first of September will be a whole new ball game for the Vaughn house. The karate schedule will change that week, Attie will start preK full time and I will be alone for the majority of the day. I have no idea how I will handle it. I imaging that I will take a few naps and just enjoy the silence to begin with. I will be able to grocery shop without 3 kids slowing me down. I might even be able to go out to lunch for a change...who know what wild and crazy things I will get into...