Friday, March 10, 2017

Another Long Absence and Interesting News

Hello all, a lot has happened since I last posted, but it's time for an update.  As you know, or maybe not if you are visiting this blog for the first time, this is where I started sharing my journey through life so many years ago.  At times I have posted quite often and at times posts have been few and far in between.  It's just how life goes.  After so long, I feel the need to use this tool to help me through some things again, and maybe it might help others who are also out in the world.

I won't lie, sometimes things on this blog get rough and real.  I may cuss, I may say things you don't like or believe, that's why there is a warning before you read the blog.  This is my personal journey, my personal feelings.  This is a place where I can let it out, say what I want and such.  It's a good therapy tool to help me clear my head and make sense of things when I can't see them clearly at all.  It's all that and nothing more.  I share this simply because I've lived this life and know that others may find a sense of not being alone by reading it, as I have often found when I read things from others.  It's nice to know that you are not the only one in life who feels a given way or that sometimes other people have situations like the one you may find yourself in.

Since I am bringing it back, I will (of course) be doing a bit of housekeeping and redesigning, if you've read before you will not be surprised...I like pretty things.  And also glitter.

Just to get the bare bones out of the way:

I no longer live in Kentucky.  I am now back home in Alabama and that journey is still very painful for me.  I have a lot of lingering issues over it and I'm sure I'll address it in due time.  I have recently found out that my diagnosis of several mental illnesses was likely wrong and it is highly possible that for my entire life I have had a seizure disorder, again, I will address this in coming posts.  I have also learned some painful lessons that you will see reflected here on the "religious" aspect of life.  More on that later too.

So, to recap, I've moved, my entire life has been turned upside down and nothing is in any way remotely the same as it was before.  I hope that anyone reading this blog will find that they are not alone and that hope can be found in the funniest places, but it may be dark for a while...for as I've said...things have been bad.  TTFN and I'll see you later.

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