Friday, April 23, 2010

A lovely Spring day

I am without children for about 1 1/2 hours. Chris took them all to karate and let me have some alone time. I'm sitting outside listening to the birds and playing on the computer. What a way to spend some down time!!! We have finally got the garden planted, just in time for tomorrow's rain. They are saying words like "tornado" I'm wondering how bad it is going to be. I hope for just a nice stormy day....a little thunder and all, but nothing deadly. I find that really relaxing. I registered Attie for PreK today. In 3 months she will start school. I can't imagine my life without kids at home. What will I do? I have no idea. Part of me is looking forward to having some me time, part of me is terrified of all that alone time. I think I will have to cultivate some friends to go out with. One thing is for sure....I'll have a lot more PSP time!! That I'm gonna love. I took the van to a mechanic last week, he basically told me not to waste my money and start looking for another vehicle. Dandy. I've really enjoyed having no car payments. And with Chris's work situation so unstable we don't dare try to buy anything. So we are driving it till it literally falls apart and then we will make do with just Chris's car until we can afford another payment. Speaking of Chris, he went for his MRI on his shoulder this morning. We won't know anything until the doctor sees him Wednesday. I'm not sure how I feel about it all. I really want his shoulder to be fixed and pain free, but I worry about the loss of income while that is happening. I mean, yes, we have made it through worse times, but I'd prefer not to do it again. Well, I suppose that is all I can come up with. I'm going to sit here and enjoy the silence and the breeze...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The world has not ended

I think I have settled down a bit. I'm still nervous and worried about how things are gonna work out. But the world has not fallen on us yet. In fact, today is down right perfect. Chris and the kids are planting herbs and flowers and veggies and Heater and I are sitting under a tree watching them. I've taken way too many pictures of it...113. LOL I can't wait to scrap some pages from them. I would be doing that right now...but out in the sunlight I can't judge the colors on the screen as well as I can it'll keep for a bit till I can see right. We have a plethora of flowers and herbs in containers on 2 of the porches. And 2 pineapple tops as well. So we will see what happens with all this greenery. We took the kids to the flea market yesterday. Got some good deals on produce and came home with 2 very furry rabbits and a scrawny kitten. The rabbits are named Snowball and Fuzzball. The kitten I named Talula. She is a tiny little hairbrush is bigger than she is. Honestly...I took a picture of her next to the hairbrush. I'll have to post it. Well, I guess I'd better get up and join in the fun....can't let them have it all, can I?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oy Vey

I am trying not to panic, really I am. Chris is off work and we are not sure when he'll be able to go back. We are not 100% sure the short term disability will kick in in 2 weeks. We are not sure of anything. Me going back to work has been discussed, but what if I can't handle it? I mean, hell, I have trouble keeping my house the hell am I supposed to handle a job? The whole business scares the shit out of me. And what would I do? I let my certification lapse, I never intended to work again. I don't even know if I can get re-certified at this point. Holy crap, holy crap, holy freaking crap. I want to buy tubes...bad. A sure sign that I'm stressed. Well, Chris just got home....maybe I can calm down enough to sleep tonight.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Will there be a silver lining?

Man, just when you think things are going good, someone throws a brick through your window and shatters everything. Chris is hurt again, his job is not happy about this and is being difficult over it. Very difficult. He is now off work until he gets an MRI and he is searching for another job. I hope he can find something. I'm all paranoid and nervous about it all. I'm trying not to be, but hey...he's our only source of income. The prospect of loosing that income is enough to make anyone nervous. I'm really hoping something good happens and this all works out.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is here!!!

Yay!! Spring is here!!! The weather has been absolutely lovely and we've been taking advantage of that...staying out all day! I am soooo loving this weather!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Times are rough...

The past 2 week have been extremely tight in the budget area. Without a cent to spare....literally. But I am hoping next week will be better....Chris has a bonus coming in that will help out. Other than being down right broke...nothing has been going on. We've just been hanging in there. I was hoping to go and do some pictures today....but Chris has Masters class this not sure I'm gonna get to do that even. I'd really like to get them done today cause it is absolutely gorgeous outside right now. And I have the girls clothes ready. And I'm dying to edit some pictures!! I think I have pretty much talked myself into going down to the dam as soon as the kids get home and I get them ready. I also have quite a few places within walking distance that I can do good pics at yeah, I think we are gonna go ahead and do pics. I got my phone blinged out today. I should not have, but Chris said I could, so I got a new cover for it and a charm to go on it. It's pink stripes with a pink butterfly charm. Chris got this cat sitter video for the's just fish tanks with nature sounds and that thing is so relaxing, I may put it on during the day just to chill out! Well I better go and get things ready if I'm going picture taking...the kids get home in about 25 minutes!