Monday, January 14, 2013

Various Little Blurbs

I have quite a few things running around the enormous space between my ears. Thought I would jot them down for posterity, insanity...same thing.

My kids are annoying. Seriously. The excel at the art of getting someone to wish they could slap them. Right now, as I type, they are arguing over some nonsense about birthday parties. While NOT doing the chores they were told to do. They each have inherited mine and Chris' sense of humor and sarcasm. This is probably a bad thing. They also love to ask obvious questions just to see me twitch. In fact, I am beginning to believe that most of the annoying things they do...they do to see me twitch. On the other hand....I realize that these same girls will dismantle any boy who ever tries to get in their way or hold them back. This, I think, is a good thing. Heck...Attie will probably just bite them and move on.

Here lately I've been seeing my kids as they will be when they get older. Kaelyn is the easiest to cry...she's very sensitive. Beware to any boy who makes her cry...because she will get revenge. And she is not afraid to throw a punch. Emma is quieter and will most likely just crush someone with a look of disdain. She won't even give them the time of day. Attie...will be down right dangerous. Attie had no problem getting in your face and demanding you do what she says. And again...she's not afraid to throw a punch. Yes, beware're gonna have some bruises.

Scene change

Chris announced he got me a gift for my birthday. This is unheard of. Chris does not usually get me gifts. (this is my our younger days, he often came home with jewelry, roses, candy, and other assorted goodies. But I made the mistake of telling him we needed to be careful with our money...and since them...I have not received one gift. I think Janet forced him to buy me flowers one year for mother's day. Not one Christmas, birthday gift in over 9 years...nothing) So, this is unusual, to say the least. He asked if I wanted to know what it was...or if I wanted a surprise. I normally can't stand surprises...being to curious to wait. But opted for not knowing..since this was such an unusual occasion. I wanted to enjoy it fully. My birthday is not until March I have a bit of a wait. I have been told, though, that when a rather large package arrives..I am not to open it. Hmmmm.

Scene change

I still have not taken down my Christmas tree. Every time I think of it...something else comes up and it gets put off til later. Maybe I will do that later.

Anyway...just little random things...nothing to serious...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letting go...what I've done

Take a moment and watch this video and listen to the words. No it is not a Christian artist...but the message is good.

Preachers, teachers, saints, kids, teens, everybody will tell you that to get over your past you must hand it over to Jesus and let it go. This is true. But I wanna talk about your part of that today. The actual handing it over to God...that requires work on your part. No one can do it for you. This is something you must do by yourself. You must face yourself, forgive yourself, see yourself for who you are...and then hand it over to God.

Put to rest
What you thought of me
While I clean this slate
With the hands
Of uncertainty

Jesus will wipe your slate clean in the spiritual...and it will all be gone. But you have to go into your own mind and body and wipe that slate in yourself. You have to let go and forgive yourself. And it may be with uncertain hands that you wipe that slate clean. But you need to do it.

If you hold on to what you've done in your will never get anywhere with God. God will be waiting on you. He's already forgiven's just have to let go of it, too. One of Chris' favorite sayings is "If God has forgiven you, how dare you not forgive yourself".

You have to do it...yes it may be hard and it may take some time. But it is time well spent. Once you are a child of God, filled with His Holy Spirit, your past does not own you. You are free. And freedom means being able to let go. It's ok to let go and tell your past that "you don't own me". It really is.

Now, there are going to be things that you will remember for the rest of your life...I'm not talking about erasing your memory. The key is to not let them hold you back, to let go of them and tell those things..."You no longer own me, I have forgiven myself of this, Jesus has forgiven me of this...and though it may come to mind, it does not control me. I am free in Jesus and these memories will not hold me back".

Being a follower of Jesus is not always easy, it does require some work on our part. It requires you to let go of your past life, hurts, hangups, whatever. That may take time, but like I said, it is time well spent. If you want true your part...let go and give 100% to Jesus. (as long as you hold on to those will not be capable of giving 100%...just to let you know)

So, we know we need to...but how do we? For some it is as simple as making up our minds, for others we need a little help and direction. There are many Bible studies, help groups and friends in Jesus who can help us out. Celebrate Recovery is a great program for anyone who can't let go of their matter what is in it. It will take you through the steps of letting go bit by bit. Maybe you just need a one on one partner in this out a member of your church, one who is a bit older than you spiritually, and ask for help with this area. This person can pray with you and give you counsel. Work it out physically...get a notebook or a blog and wtite out all these things and that can help you let go. There are many choices to help you with this, just find one that feels right to you, that you are comfortable with...and don't be ashamed or daunted if the first thing you try doesn't work out. Sometimes it takes a few tried to find out what we are comfortable with and what is going to work for us. two of us are the same.

I hope this has helped someone in some may...always keep in mind...I'm walking through this too.

Monday, January 7, 2013

A short note on amazement

If you have not read a few entries so. I will sum up until you can read it all. I was out of line...I am now in line. There ya go.

Hmmm...when you line up with God..He will use you. I find things coming out of my mouth that did not filter through my brain first. I am writing things that did not come from my brain. They came from God as He revealed them to me.

It's a little scary...being used this way. It's never really happened to me before...maybe because I never truly embraced who I was in Christ until now and He could not act when I was holding on to doubt. I have this feeling in my chest that I have to share...I have to get it out. I can not hold it in.

I've heard preachers say...out of your mouth will flow living water....yeah, yeah. But I can not keep it in...can not. My way of letting it out is mostly online, through my blog, my Facebook groups and pages and through music. But I tell you if you were to set me up in the Walmart parking lot with a soap would be all over.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The City on a Hill

The City on a Hill

The Lord our God is one God. However, right now I want to talk about unity and diversity.

When the first church began all those years ago, there was only THE church. Not the churches. And as the song depicts, one by one, the drifted away and sought to gather only with others that were like them.

God is a lover of diversity. In that first church, there were many kinds of people. Did you imagine that the first church was populated just by people like you? No, there certainly were people like you there. But also there were those who are very different from you. There were those who worshiped in a quiet manner, and those who cried out loudly in their worship. There were people who were passionate when they spoke and those who were steady. There were those who were lovers of music and worshiped with their voices and instruments. There were those who prayed alone in a corner and those who walked and jumped and prayed out loud. Every kind of way to worship and praise the Lord was represented. Yet they were all united. They gathered together and they shared meals together.

Then somewhere along the way, they began to just seek out those that were like them and slowly they began to separate. The church broke into churches, where only one common type of worship, prayer and preaching were common and accepted. The light began to fade in the city on a hill when the church began to grow apart.

Because just like the song says, we were always meant to be together, we were never meant to be separate; we were made to complement one another in our worship. God loves diversity. He loves that we each have our own way to show our love to Him, but He loves it even more when we put aside the barriers of denominations and walls and come together and even though we are different…join together to worship His name. We were meant to stand together. We are stronger when we stand together. God made us to be together in THE church. Not separate in many different churches.

It is not Biblical that we should be separated. God wants His church to be united. Across all the differences we may have, we have the love of God in common. That one fact is common ground enough to come together, each in their own different way, and love and worship God.

It is time for the city on a hill to shine once again. It is time for the walls and barriers to be taken down and for brothers and sisters in Christ to reach out to one another in love and worship together. Just because someone is not like you, does not mean they are wrong or out of God’s will. It just means they show their love in a different way…God sees their heart and He knows them and all they are. It is time for us to break down the walls, because God did not put those walls there. They are man-made and were never intended by God. The Lord our God is one God and He has but one church….THE church.

It’s time to find out light again and show the world the love of God.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pondering things.

I hate not being able to be open about a situation. It annoys me. But I can be open about me and my issues and struggles. So, it will have to do.

Ever had God kick you in the head? Yeah. Pretending to be someone you are not, even if it is for good reasons, is just not a good thing. When you pretend, you can not reach the people you are supposed to reach. How many people did I pass up while I was pretending? How much damage did I do? I pray that none, I pray that God used another person to reach them when I was not in a place to do my job.

I am not meant to look like the main stream "Christians". I am meant to be the creature in Christ that I am. And show that God's love does not depend on your outward appearance. God does not care what your hair color, style, length is. He doesn't care what you dress like. He doesn't care how many piercings and tattoos you have. He LOVES you. Just as you are. God is worried about your heart and soul. He wants you to spend eternity with Him.

Now, when you finally get your relationship with Jesus and you have Him as your Savior. He may speak to you about things. Maybe you will have convictions on the aforementioned things that are between you and God. And when that happens, that bond and covenant will be powerful. If you make a vow to not cut your hair with God, that has power. However, God does not require that of everyone. From each of us He requires different things. And what God requires of you may change as your relationship progresses. And at each stage..those vows you make and hold to will have power.

What am I supposed to be right now? I am supposed to hold on to what makes me unique. My hair. I am supposed to keep it colored and show people God's love. I am to show them that God can love you...just as you are. I am to reach out to those who connect with me through that uniqueness. For me personally, it is ok to wear jeans, funky shirts, have funky colored hair, get my nails done, wear jewelry....most anything I want to. Of course there are limits. Nothing with foul language or offensive. Shorts, if I wear them out, are to be longer. I choose not to wear make up. I only wear jewelry occasionally.

God loves diversity. He loves color and light and such. If He did not...then why so many different skin tones, so many different eye colors? Freckles? Why did He make so many different flowers and creatures? Because He loves diversity. God made us all different inside and out. No two are the same. Let that sink in...there is no one else like you. You may find people who share certain things in common with you...but no one is entirely like you. I can not grasp the power it takes to make so many people and plants and animals and each on of them different. That is power!! God is powerful enough to create all this diversity...and there is no limit to his perfection.

I have 4 dogs in my house. A black Great Dane. A border collie/aussie shepperd mix. And 2 white boxers. The Boxers are the same type of dog...same breed. But they are nothing alike. Summer is goofy and small and loyal to the end. KC is drooly and loves to be up in your lap and love on you 24 hours a day. Summer loves to cuddle too, but she also likes alone time. Even in dogs...God's diversity is apparent. He took that much care to make even the animals individuals. How much more so are we given that love to be who we are????

All this has been stewing in my head as I tried to work out who I was supposed to be. What was I supposed to look like? What types of vows to God was I to take? I've taken a week ( a serious week, a many months of piddling) and thought on these things. I wondered why my prayer life had been so constricted, why I really couldn't raise my hands in praise. Why I didn't feel God. Then something happened and I decided to die my hair again, back to purple. As first it was a rash decision, but then I got down to some serious talking with God about it. And God you, be who you are. So I did. And there was freedom. I could praise again, and I could love God again and I could pray again. Those barriers were removed when I became who I was supposed to be all along. When I stopped trying to fit into this world's views and just became the person I was meant to be. I had been trying to be normal for good reasons. My husband is now a psstor, pastor's wives don't have purple hair. I tried to fit in. But I only bound my spirit and bound what God could do in my life and what He could do through me.

Sometimes obeying God is not what the world expects of us. Sometime God wants us to do what He wants despite they way the world will look at us. I pray that I keep the strength to follow what God wants me to do. Even when it is hard, and I look different and I feel like I don't fit in.