Monday, April 13, 2009

A Sinking feeling

I went to the therapist today. She's concerned because my meds are not really working to help me out of this slump. I still don't see the doctor until the end of May and there are no earlier appointments. I've shut down all my threads and things because I just don't feel creative. I sit and look at the computer, but have no ideas on anything to make. I hate feeling this way. I've only been on my new dosage for just a little while, so maybe it just has not had time to work yet and it will get better. I hope so. My therapist is concerned that I'm not taking my meds like I should. I have problems with that in the past, but I told her Chris is watching me take them and she could call him and talk to him anytime she needed to. I have been taking them, they are just not helping. So I'm just kind of stuck here, feeling cruddy until they do kick in and work. I really don't like feeling like this. I'm supposed to go to a NAMI meeting tomorrow night, but we'll have to see if I have a way to get there...this week is gonna be tight because Chris bought all the wood and things to do the chicken runs. Well, I've babbled enough for now. Ta

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