Monday, February 21, 2011

I feel

Read that in a James Brown voice. Ok, enough oddness. I am feeling good today. I was productive. I got the kitchen cleaned, the dishes caught up, the den vacuumed, the litterboxes done, the guest bath done and a load of laundry done. What a way to start the week, eh? Now if tomorrow can be as good as today was and the rest of the week following that and I will have a clean house!!! I still have a Christmas tree up in the living room..still can't find a box to fit the thing in. I think tomorrow I'm gonna move it to the den just to get it out of sight. I've looked everywhere for one of those huge plastic containers....can't find one. I know these things exist...I've seen them. But can I find one...nope. Chris goes Friday to talk to the dreaded lawyer again. We will see what he has to say about this whole mess. Meanwhile, we hang on tight to what we've got. I still need brakes on the van...trying to make it until Chris's student loan pays out in March...but it's looking grim...I may have to break down and have them sooner. I started individual therapy this month. I like my therapist..she's short, black and funky. She's very direct..which is good for me. We are trying the list approach to things again...I did accomplish all the things on my list for today. I am just hoping I can make myself continue to do it. It's burning up in my house right now...even with the air on. I'm roasting. But at least I'm not freezing!! I am so happy to see the weather nice for a change. We went to the flea market Saturday...I took my camera and took pics of the kids as we went through. Chris said I was insane...but I got some really cute pics. I took the kids to the park Sunday and then out for ice was a nice day. Well, I think that's all I can think of. Like the blog? lol I'm already planning for Easter...I'm such a nerd!!

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