Thursday, February 24, 2011

A good week

Can you believe it? It's been a good WEEK!!! Despite all that is going on around us, I've had a good week. I've made a list this week and stuck to it. My living room is clean, my kitchen is clean, the den is clean (cluttered with stuff to be put in storage, but clean), the bathrooms are clean and the kids has been spruced up so they can use it again for showers. All I have left to do are the bedrooms and the laundry room and my house will be completely done! I'm excited. I got dad to use the tractor to pull up 3 bushes in my front yard today that I've been itching to get rid they are gone! I plan on making a little butterfly garden around the crepe mertles now...which means I am going to have to learn to use a tiller. Not sure I like that, but I guess I will learn if I want it done. I wonder how much mulch costs? I better check into that as well. We also got some much needed good news this morning...we qualified for a little bit of assistance since Chris lost his disability. So that is a huge worry off my mind. I'm looking forward to tomorrow for a change. I may have put something on my list that I can't accomplish tomorrow, but I will work that out when I get to it. I'm going grocery shopping in the morning, as usual. Then I will try working on my bedroom for a bit. I've spent a lot less time on the computer this week. The only day I really missed it was yesterday when Chris had it at school. So to sum up...I've had a good week. LOL

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