Monday, October 3, 2011

Where are we now?

In the same place we've been for nigh on 8 months. lol We are still hanging tight...the only thing that's changed is Chris and I got Jesus. Which admitedly makes things much better. Chris is still putting in for every job opening he can find and going to school. I'm still maintaining my sketchy sanity and wrangling the kids. I feel kinda funky this forgive the weird speech/type...whatever. I've been getting these horrible headaches in the evenings...and signs point to it being my blood sugar that's causing it...lovely. The kids allergies are in full swing...which makes my house cough/sneeze central. I love that there are tons of over the counter allergy meds now...but unfortunately none of them seem to work on my kids. Go figure...Chris's kids have super allergies...who would have thought. I am completely blonde now...and have discovered that blondes do not have more fun....I want a refund!!!! We're going to streak my hair with a darker color later on...but mom's not feeling that is not a priority. What else is happening...oh, we did the Susan Moore Band Alumni thing last was a blast!!! I had such a good time and Chris was as giddy as Chris ever gets over it. We've got the AFSP walk coming up in November, something we always do. I've got the kids Halloween costumes done already...yay!!!! A vampire, a kitty and a goth chic. What an eclectic mix for this year!!! Well, that's all the boredom I think I can come up with to report for now...more later....maybe next time it will all be super good news!!!

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