Saturday, November 5, 2011

November already!!!

Squee!!!! It's November!!!! That means Thanksgiving is just around the corner...the first of my 2 favorite holidays!!!! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Halloween was fun, the girls got a lot of candy and had a blast. Kaelyn was a goth chic, Emma was a vampire and Attie was a leopard. Photobucket Chris and I are looking forward to the Alabama/LSU game tonight. We may travel to a friend's house to watch it, not sure yet. Roll Tide!!! Okay, got that out of my system. I guess it's time to put out my Christmas wish list...see if I get lucky this What does Stacey want for Christmas??? Well, let's see...Tutti Frutti Jelly Bellys are always good. Money for scrapkits is always good. Old wooden picture frames of any size...if you wanna get rid of me!!! Ceramic tiles you're not gonna use, I can re purpose those too!!! If anyone has a white Christmas tree they wanna get rid of...I'd love one!! I guess that's it...just stuff to turn into crafts and Jelly Belly!!!

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