Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas is past us...

It was wonderful. We had such a good time and ate lots of good food!! The kids got so many goodies, they are having a blast playing with all their stuff!!! We did some family pic at Jo's house this year...check out my Facebook for ours. Let's see what all did the kids get?? Kaelyn got a foot spa, Orbies, a new bike from the grandparents and new clothes. Emma got an Easy Bake Oven, a new MP3 player from the grandparents and other goodies and clothes. Attie got an Angry Birds game, Hello Kitty stuff and other goodies and clothes. They got quite a haul this year, the little punks!!! We even braved the day after sales in a few places...that was ok, I guess. We are looking forward to a quiet day at home tomorrow and then Wednesday I'll have to break down and do a little grocery shopping...but tomorrow is just chilling at the house. Photobucket

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