Friday, February 17, 2012

February 2012

Ah, quickly you fly by. Kaelyn's birthday was wonderful...she had a great time! We've been super busy this month with church activities. The sickness has also struck...Chris has been under the weather for a while now. And Attie has missed several days due to strep and now allergies. We visited the doctor today and got new allergy meds...I'm hoping they help. Emma has been the healthiest one of all this month..not a thing wrong with her!! Dad has been in the hospital in Bham since Monday, started out as just a routine surgery to repair is defib, ended up with a week long stay because they can't regulate his b/p. Today it's up though and we are in hopes that he will get to come home soon!! And can I tell you I'm ready for spring to get here!! We've had a mild winter, but I'm ready to see the green leaves and grass and all the flowers again. This brown grass gets boring. I'm ready to see some life in the earth again!! I can't wait to have a nice day to take pics of the many ideas I want to try. I need some loving soul to buy me a new lens for my camera...that would just be awesome!! Alas though, feeding the kiddies comes first!! Darn kids, have to feed them everyday or they get all whiney!!! Poor Bucky is ready for warm weather as well, he's spent the past week staring out of the corner of his cage into the back yard. Well, that's all I can think about to blog at the moment...I'm sure more will come to me later!! Photobucket

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