Thursday, March 1, 2012

A day in my life...

It's been an eventful might as well blog about it. Kaelyn was out sick today...but she started feeling better about mid we headed out to Huntsville to run a few errands. We had some chinese and went shopping for nail polish. While we were at Walmart I found a new red betta that I I got him...his pick is on FB if you wanna check him out. I plan to breed this summer, I've got a black crowntail and a crimson fantail. I just need to find some really pretty females and I'll be ready to go. Well, we did our running and went back home...Kaelyn helped dad out for a bit while I visited with mom, Lynn and Hudson. I tell you he is getting too cute, or I should say handsome. We're so used to having girls it's gonna take a while to adjust our talk!! The kids got in from school and put in some serious outside play since the day was so nice. All was well and right with the world. Well, Chris heads out to church before dinner to get somethings done at the church and I was finishing up the cooking, taking the chicken out of the oven when Attie walks in the kitchen. She takes a look at the chicken and says: "Did that chicken come from a live chicken?" I laughed and said yes. She immediately decided she didn't want chicken...she thought that was gross. Then Kaelyn informed her that all chicken was once alive and she really got disgusted. I'm not sure the kid will ever eat chicken again. It was hilarious. So Attie chooses to just have mac n cheese for dinner. Right now the kids are watching some Phineas and Ferb and taking turns playing on the Ipad. It's quiet in here...which is unusual. I'm sure there will be some disturbance of the peace shortly. But that was my was one of the more interesting ones...just a peek into everyday life at the Vaughn house!!

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