Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's been a while...

I've been alive...just coasting along.  Attie has been very sick this past it's been alot of cuddling and doctor appointments.  They switched her to Omnicef and it seems to be working...she's had less fever the past 24 hours.  Kaelyn and Emma are sick as well, sinus infections...but nothing near Attie's level.  I will be glad when the sickness is gone!!
2 more days of school left and summer begins!!!  I am looking forward to it.  I am planning a trip to the zoo this's been years since we've been.  I think we are long overdue for some zoo fun!  Chris and I start back to school the 24th of May, yay.  I will have a class on Tuesdays that I have to be on campus for and I think his is Wednesday nights.  I'm looking forward to it...being useful again or at least it makes me feel that way.  I'm taking 2 computer courses, a math refresher and a first aid class.  I will find out in June if I made it into the Medical Billing and Coding program.  I really hope I
We found some really neat old burlap coffee sacks at Mike's and we bought a bunch of them and turned them into curtains.  They look really good.  I have found a love for repurposing things.  Chris also built a chicken pen out of some grid rack we had left over from the old Petblah days...repurposing!!!!  I love it!!!  I am running late on Spring pictures, everytime I get a day where we can rains.  Gotta love the weather.  I am hoping that Attie will feel well enough by mid week and we can go to the park and do a set then.  I've gotta figure out clothing for them...hmm..what to dress them in????  I did some retouches to a few snap shots and printed them out as 8 x 10's and they look super.  I did them over saturated and they just pop.  I'm going to put them in my little hallway.  I will try to post a pic when they are up.  I have them framed, but we are having to rewire the frames and that's not done yet.
Well, that's all I can think to blab about.  Lots of things, lots of sickness.  Till next time...TTFN!!! Photobucket

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