Friday, August 17, 2012

I believe what I believe

Just sitting here listening to Third Day and Brandon Heath singing Creed. Loving it. I'm totally into this song right now. It just speaks so clearly of what I believe. It makes me totally happy. (Not to mention the fact that Mac Powell is pretty and that makes me smile as well) I'm up early again this morning and thanks to my early morning jam session, the kids are up too. Chris is still curled up in bed trying to get warm. I'm finding that now that what I believe is now more defined, that it is being challenged more. And the suprising thing is that it is other Christians that are challenging my beliefs. They want me to believe exactly what they do and if I don't I'm wrong. And it's not that I don't hold with their set of beliefs, but it's more that I don't hold with their set of standards. Make sense? I believe in the life, death, and resurection of Jesus Christ. I believe that He is God, the one and only. He is the Holy Spirit that dwells in me. One God, one way to heaven. You must believe, be baptised and filled with His spirit. However, what I do not believe. I don't believe that wearing earrings is going to affect my salvation. Or jeans, or cutting my hair, or any of that other nonsense. God to not come to earth and die to tell me that my jeans and earrings are bad. He came for a more important reason and I think these trivial things were not really of importance to Him. He was more concerned with saving those who were lost and dying than making sure they wore the right clothes. Sigh. I just wonder about things sometimes. It seems we are living among the Pharasees again...they are adding to the gospel and making it so much harder for people than it needs to be. It is so simple, believe, get baptized, recieve the Holy Spirit and stay on the path of Salvation. That's all you need to do. I want to find a church that is simple like that, not all this pomp and circumstance. I want a simple, home church where I can worship and love God and not get judged by someone. Is that too much to ask????

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