Saturday, July 14, 2012

A little RLM field trip

I recently took a trip to Kentucky with Greg and Chris for RLM. It was very educational, for me anyways. I saw what kind of environment I will be moving into when Chris and I finish school. It is somewhat like here, but more run down, I would say. We are very spoiled here where we are. We have access to a variety of stores and places to buy goods. They do takes a 30-40 minute drive to get to a old time, Walmart (a super walmart is half an hour in the other direction). They do not have the resources that we enjoy here, we are very used to city water and such. Many of those homes are on privately dug wells and not connected to city water. Churches are small and far between, medical care is the same. Everything is very crowded up there...I'm used to things being a bit off the road here....but there everything is right on top of the main's very claustraphobic. Houses are right on the roadway...not set off like they are here. Once you get out into the country, things tend to spread out more and things are off the roads. Most of the roads are dirt when you get out of the city. The whole place has an air of desperation to the people are desperate for change, positive change. Clinics are closing, churches are closing...their resources are going away. We visited a little town called Hazard, which right now, I feel like Chris and I will be close to that place than located in one of the other counties. I just have this feeling that Perry county is where we will be. I'm ready to be up there, but there is still so much to do and it's hard to wait. Maybe it will be easier when I start my main classes this fall and get into my school work.

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