Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well, Kae had a complete melt down in karate yesterday. I ended up having to drag her, kicking and screaming, out the door and pick her up and force her into the van. I was afraid the police were going to show up and arrest me. She is in so much trouble. She's grounded until school starts. And still not sure what her karate teacher is going to do, I just hope she doesn't get kicked out. Well, anyways, after all that drama I get home and there is a baby robin that the puppies are trying to paw to death. So, I pick it up and bring it in and we are taking care of it. So, now it looks like I will have a robin cause we are not sure if we can release it and it live. And if I'm going to all of this trouble I want the thing to live. That is where things stand here...all drama and such.

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