Sunday, April 18, 2010

The world has not ended

I think I have settled down a bit. I'm still nervous and worried about how things are gonna work out. But the world has not fallen on us yet. In fact, today is down right perfect. Chris and the kids are planting herbs and flowers and veggies and Heater and I are sitting under a tree watching them. I've taken way too many pictures of it...113. LOL I can't wait to scrap some pages from them. I would be doing that right now...but out in the sunlight I can't judge the colors on the screen as well as I can it'll keep for a bit till I can see right. We have a plethora of flowers and herbs in containers on 2 of the porches. And 2 pineapple tops as well. So we will see what happens with all this greenery. We took the kids to the flea market yesterday. Got some good deals on produce and came home with 2 very furry rabbits and a scrawny kitten. The rabbits are named Snowball and Fuzzball. The kitten I named Talula. She is a tiny little hairbrush is bigger than she is. Honestly...I took a picture of her next to the hairbrush. I'll have to post it. Well, I guess I'd better get up and join in the fun....can't let them have it all, can I?

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