Friday, April 2, 2010

Times are rough...

The past 2 week have been extremely tight in the budget area. Without a cent to spare....literally. But I am hoping next week will be better....Chris has a bonus coming in that will help out. Other than being down right broke...nothing has been going on. We've just been hanging in there. I was hoping to go and do some pictures today....but Chris has Masters class this not sure I'm gonna get to do that even. I'd really like to get them done today cause it is absolutely gorgeous outside right now. And I have the girls clothes ready. And I'm dying to edit some pictures!! I think I have pretty much talked myself into going down to the dam as soon as the kids get home and I get them ready. I also have quite a few places within walking distance that I can do good pics at yeah, I think we are gonna go ahead and do pics. I got my phone blinged out today. I should not have, but Chris said I could, so I got a new cover for it and a charm to go on it. It's pink stripes with a pink butterfly charm. Chris got this cat sitter video for the's just fish tanks with nature sounds and that thing is so relaxing, I may put it on during the day just to chill out! Well I better go and get things ready if I'm going picture taking...the kids get home in about 25 minutes!

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