Friday, January 21, 2011

A critter update

I was readying through my blog and realize I had not updated on my critters. Firstly, Satchel....she got a virus and died about a week after I posted about her. I am still very upset about it, I carried her around with me everywhere and I was very attached to her. After she died, I started looking for a new pup and found Zeke. (he is the black puppy in the pic) And not long after that I found Summer (the white boxer). Summer is about 2 years old and spoiled rotten. She knows several commands, but her best one is sit pretty. She will sit up and do the whole cute paws in the air thing. Zeke is equally as rotten, but know no tricks as he will not sit still long enough to learn any. Zeke is 4 months old and going to be huge, he is already as big as Summer. And then to Heat, our greyhound. He bit Kaelyn about a month ago, bruising up her arm pretty good. I decided that he needed a new home after that. I don't know if he would have ever done it again or not, but I did not want to take the chance. He is being placed in a new home without children. In fact that adoption agency contacted me this week to tell me he will be going to an adoption group in Canada in a few days. Brownie, Emma's dog, is still around despite being shot twice this year. He's too annoying to die. He does come in from time to time and chill in the house, but then he starts tearing things apart and trash diving and has to go back out. And then there's the cats. They are all still here. We've had no more tragedies since the big one. Thank goodness. Bucky, the large tortoise, is wintering in a box in the living room. This has worked out surprisingly well for all concerned. He's not messing up my kitchen floor and yet, he still is staying warm. Everybody is happy. I was given a salt water tank a few months ago. It's been a battle. Currently I am battling aipstaisa, red slime algae and bristle worms. I only have 2 fish in there right now along with some crabs, snails and urchin. I hope to get a cleaner pack of critters next week to take care of all the problem species and then I will stock it with fish. I am also ready to get started on a second salt water tank, this one for seahorses. I will have to go slow with this it requires planning and a very established tank. But I'm hoping to be ready to order my seahorses in late spring. Well, that is the critter update...I love em like my family.... Photobucket

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