Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time for an Update

Well, as you may have guessed from my absence, things have been extremely stressful. Chris of course lost his job, thank you to PetSmart for being such an ass and using him until the doctor released him and then firing him. Class act that. We have been without income for about 2 months now. Let me tell you things were stressful. We did qualify for a little help from the state and that put food on the table for the kids. Somehow, thanks to the kindness of others, our electric bill got paid. We were also able to keep the phones and the internet, both of which Chris needs for school and finding another job. We finally received a bit of good news when his unemployment was approved. I was able to buy the animals food this morning...and boy were they happy about it. They've been living off stale bread and cornbread for several days now. We have been able to arrange for the mortgage to be put off a month, which eased us through some of it. We've somehow kept gas in the vehicles for school. It's all been up to prayer as my mother would say. Chris is still combing through want ads and applying to any place that has walls, but still no calls. It's maddening. I have to try to have faith that all this is worth something and that there is a higher plan and a better life at the end of this mess. If not, it's all just madness. Well, that's my stressed out life in a nutshell....until next update....

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