Monday, May 2, 2011

Time for another Update

I have nothing better to do, so let's update the blog. I'm loving my layout for this month. The scrap kit is called So Chic and I can't remember where I bought it right now...but it was somewhere cool, I'm sure. Things that have gone on. Well most recently there was the largest and deadliest tornado outbreak in Alabama since the 7o's. Yeah, that was fun. Got to watch a tornado go past my was about 3 miles south of the house. We have no damage, just a bit of debris in the yard. Most areas around us are devastated, however. We were one of the first to get power back...which is such a good thing or I would have gone mad. They told us to prepare for about 7 days without power, we had power back within 24 hours. School for Chris has gone well. He is waiting to see what the school decides to do about finishing the semester since Wallace State was hit as well. He is hoping he won't have to finish his course work and can just take the grades he has now. All A's. (grin) The kids are doing well. Kaelyn has been having some issues with her grades, but other than that everything is dandy. Attie gets out of school the 26th and the kids were scheduled to get out the 31st, but not sure how things will go after all this. They are still not back in school from the storms yet. Oh, and we have no air conditioning...lovely eh? We have to wait til everything is back open from the storms to get it fixed. So we bake and we wait. lol I can think of nothing else...not much has happened. We've just been sailing through waiting on things to get better. Hopefully they will in the very near future, but until then we will just hang on and go with the flow.

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