Monday, June 6, 2011


Bordom makes you update your blog. lol Nothing going on. I'm just sitting here listening to Jars of Clay and waiting on it to be time for me to leave for the doctor. I've got an hour and a half to go. I wish I had been able to sleep later than 5, that would have been nice. I was gonna spend this summer sleeping in...hahaha. I have absolutely nothing interesting to tell, nothing has happened. Chris is back in school for the summer. The kids are enjoying being out of school. I got the house looks nice. Chris has a job now, but he's yet to get paid. I'm about to scream at all the crap we are being forced to put up with. It's unreal. But there's nothing else, so I have to believe that this is where we are supposed to be. What else is there to do? Anyway, that's an update on the whole boring situation. More next month...maybe better news...

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