Sunday, June 26, 2011

The regularly scheduled update

Howdy folks. Again, nothing doing here. We are still in the same holding pattern that we have been in for years now. Just waiting. Chris has a job, just not much of one. I have started my own little business doing photo editing, but it's hard to get the word out. I've done some commercial work for Chris's boss and I'm working on some more. But it's not enough to live on. The kiddies are enjoying summer. We took off this past week and went to the Tennessee Aquarium. We had a ton of fact, I don't think I've uploaded pics of it yet. Shame on me!!! I did go out today and take pics of the kids, I was only a month or two overdue. Attie was the one who had the goofy looking faces unusual for her. Kaelyn looks way to grown up in her's of course. Emma was nice and smiled alot for me. Other than that, nothing much has been going on. If you would, snag my banner below and direct people to either my DA page HERE or to my FB page HERE. I will love you forever for it!! Photobucket

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