Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A mixed up day

I've had a day with ups and downs. Went to the doctor today for some symptoms that I've been having for about 1 month. Found out that I may have uterine polyps, so I get to have a hysteroscopy and a D&C with possible ablation and polyp removal on the 29th. Ok, I can handle that. It was also noticed that I have a 1cm nodule in my right breast...I get to have a mammogram for that tomorrow. I don't know what to think about that, I've had fibroids all my life and had not noticed any changes myself...so I'm a little worried, but not much so...just gonna wait and see what the results show. I also learned that I am seriously anemic. This would contribute to my lack of energy and the breathless feeling I get sometimes. So tomorrow after all my testing, I'm off to shop for a good multiviatamin with iron in it.

Now that is all the bad. Now on to the better. I've been itching to have another child for years now, but I had my tubes tied after the disaster known as my pregnancy with Attie. I've been wanting to have that reversed. Well, after some serious thought and serious talks with the hubby...I have some good news. Chris does not object to having more children, he just objects to me dying. So, we have decided that we will look into adoption when we settle down in Kentucky in a few years. That gives us time to get back to stable as far as finances go and time to learn all we need to do and take all the classes we need to take to adopt. This makes me so happy, up until now I thought Chris was dead set against more children...but turns out he's just dead set against anything that would hurt me. And admittedly, me being pregnant is not a very healthy option...I tend to get very sick and spend alot of time in the hospital. I will have it known that Attie was totally worth it though!!!! She was worth every nightmarish minute of it!!!

So that was my day in a nut shell....a little good and a little not so good.

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