Monday, March 23, 2009

A long road ahead

I have been talking with Chris about having another baby. He's not to keen on the idea of me going through another pregnancy. He did say we could talk about it and see what our options are. And of course I have to have my psych workers sign off on it and make sure I have safe meds to take while I'm pregnant. Which is a big deal. I looked up the medication I am on and it has caused heart and kidney defects. But there's no big hurry, the earliest we have said we'd start trying is in December of 2010. Attie will be in preschool then and it would put my due date the next fall when she would be in kindergarten. We also have to weigh the fact that I will have to have in vitro, which Chris is not happy about either. So I've got tons of insurance stuff to check on as well. All in all it's a tall order and there are tons of things I have to get in line for it to happen, but I think it will be worth it the long run. lol

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