Friday, March 13, 2009


Hey and welcome to Insanity's View. I hope to use this blog as a way to show people what Mental Illness is really about and how we are really just like everyone else. Mental Illness is not necessarily caused by drug abuse or physical abuse, even though those things can contribute in some cases. Mental Illness is an organic disease of the brain. It affects the way the brain functions and the way the brain receives information. In my case, schizophrenia, it causes my brain to think that there are things or voices in the room that are not there. I have both auditory and visual hallucinations and severe mood swings. I take medications everyday to combat these things and now am doing very well. It wasn't always like this, however, and I will use this blog to show my progress and introduce you to the real world of Mental Illness, not the movie version. Along the way I hope to throw out some links to sites and foundations that can help those with Mental Illness and also some fun things that I do as my hobby. Yes, crazy people have hobbies too!

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