Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's almost time for school to start back...less than a week for us. I'm looking forward to it, more of a routine for me. The kids are ready as well, they get bored over the summer. The in laws have been and gone and what a time that was! We'll just say that it was not all we hoped for and hope for a better time next go round. Chris's vacation is over as well and I think I've done pretty well for his first day back. I think I only called him once. He was off today and has to go in again tomorrow and then off again...so it's kinda easing back into the routine. We did some school shopping today, got backpacks. That's the only thing we have to buy, the teacher's buy everything else and we pay fees to the school. I wish they would just let us buy our own...it's cheaper that way. Attie is playing with some dirt and rocks on the porch just now...she's gonna need to be hosed off before we go in! She loves dirt for some reason. Well that's all this go round...things here have been pretty slow!

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