Monday, January 14, 2013

Various Little Blurbs

I have quite a few things running around the enormous space between my ears. Thought I would jot them down for posterity, insanity...same thing.

My kids are annoying. Seriously. The excel at the art of getting someone to wish they could slap them. Right now, as I type, they are arguing over some nonsense about birthday parties. While NOT doing the chores they were told to do. They each have inherited mine and Chris' sense of humor and sarcasm. This is probably a bad thing. They also love to ask obvious questions just to see me twitch. In fact, I am beginning to believe that most of the annoying things they do...they do to see me twitch. On the other hand....I realize that these same girls will dismantle any boy who ever tries to get in their way or hold them back. This, I think, is a good thing. Heck...Attie will probably just bite them and move on.

Here lately I've been seeing my kids as they will be when they get older. Kaelyn is the easiest to cry...she's very sensitive. Beware to any boy who makes her cry...because she will get revenge. And she is not afraid to throw a punch. Emma is quieter and will most likely just crush someone with a look of disdain. She won't even give them the time of day. Attie...will be down right dangerous. Attie had no problem getting in your face and demanding you do what she says. And again...she's not afraid to throw a punch. Yes, beware're gonna have some bruises.

Scene change

Chris announced he got me a gift for my birthday. This is unheard of. Chris does not usually get me gifts. (this is my our younger days, he often came home with jewelry, roses, candy, and other assorted goodies. But I made the mistake of telling him we needed to be careful with our money...and since them...I have not received one gift. I think Janet forced him to buy me flowers one year for mother's day. Not one Christmas, birthday gift in over 9 years...nothing) So, this is unusual, to say the least. He asked if I wanted to know what it was...or if I wanted a surprise. I normally can't stand surprises...being to curious to wait. But opted for not knowing..since this was such an unusual occasion. I wanted to enjoy it fully. My birthday is not until March I have a bit of a wait. I have been told, though, that when a rather large package arrives..I am not to open it. Hmmmm.

Scene change

I still have not taken down my Christmas tree. Every time I think of it...something else comes up and it gets put off til later. Maybe I will do that later.

Anyway...just little random things...nothing to serious...

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