Monday, January 7, 2013

A short note on amazement

If you have not read a few entries so. I will sum up until you can read it all. I was out of line...I am now in line. There ya go.

Hmmm...when you line up with God..He will use you. I find things coming out of my mouth that did not filter through my brain first. I am writing things that did not come from my brain. They came from God as He revealed them to me.

It's a little scary...being used this way. It's never really happened to me before...maybe because I never truly embraced who I was in Christ until now and He could not act when I was holding on to doubt. I have this feeling in my chest that I have to share...I have to get it out. I can not hold it in.

I've heard preachers say...out of your mouth will flow living water....yeah, yeah. But I can not keep it in...can not. My way of letting it out is mostly online, through my blog, my Facebook groups and pages and through music. But I tell you if you were to set me up in the Walmart parking lot with a soap would be all over.

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