Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letting go...what I've done

Take a moment and watch this video and listen to the words. No it is not a Christian artist...but the message is good.

Preachers, teachers, saints, kids, teens, everybody will tell you that to get over your past you must hand it over to Jesus and let it go. This is true. But I wanna talk about your part of that today. The actual handing it over to God...that requires work on your part. No one can do it for you. This is something you must do by yourself. You must face yourself, forgive yourself, see yourself for who you are...and then hand it over to God.

Put to rest
What you thought of me
While I clean this slate
With the hands
Of uncertainty

Jesus will wipe your slate clean in the spiritual...and it will all be gone. But you have to go into your own mind and body and wipe that slate in yourself. You have to let go and forgive yourself. And it may be with uncertain hands that you wipe that slate clean. But you need to do it.

If you hold on to what you've done in your life...you will never get anywhere with God. God will be waiting on you. He's already forgiven you...it's done...you just have to let go of it, too. One of Chris' favorite sayings is "If God has forgiven you, how dare you not forgive yourself".

You have to do it...yes it may be hard and it may take some time. But it is time well spent. Once you are a child of God, filled with His Holy Spirit, your past does not own you. You are free. And freedom means being able to let go. It's ok to let go and tell your past that "you don't own me". It really is.

Now, there are going to be things that you will remember for the rest of your life...I'm not talking about erasing your memory. The key is to not let them hold you back, to let go of them and tell those things..."You no longer own me, I have forgiven myself of this, Jesus has forgiven me of this...and though it may come to mind, it does not control me. I am free in Jesus and these memories will not hold me back".

Being a follower of Jesus is not always easy, it does require some work on our part. It requires you to let go of your past life, hurts, hangups, whatever. That may take time, but like I said, it is time well spent. If you want true freedom...do your part...let go and give 100% to Jesus. (as long as you hold on to those things...you will not be capable of giving 100%...just to let you know)

So, we know we need to...but how do we? For some it is as simple as making up our minds, for others we need a little help and direction. There are many Bible studies, help groups and friends in Jesus who can help us out. Celebrate Recovery is a great program for anyone who can't let go of their past...no matter what is in it. It will take you through the steps of letting go bit by bit. Maybe you just need a one on one partner in this fight...seek out a member of your church, one who is a bit older than you spiritually, and ask for help with this area. This person can pray with you and give you counsel. Work it out physically...get a notebook or a blog and wtite out all these things and that can help you let go. There are many choices to help you with this, just find one that feels right to you, that you are comfortable with...and don't be ashamed or daunted if the first thing you try doesn't work out. Sometimes it takes a few tried to find out what we are comfortable with and what is going to work for us. Remember...no two of us are the same.

I hope this has helped someone in some may...always keep in mind...I'm walking through this too.

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